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About Brigid's Forge

All items handmade in the U.S.A.

Exhibiting Members of the Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi

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About Us

Custom designer jewelry
by Robert and Debra Shinn

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Welcome to our workshop!
Here we create our jewelry. Step inside and watch!
Technical demonstrations:
Sandcasting Demonstration

Soapstone Casting Overview

We are currently offering classes at Alchemy, Inc. in Tupelo, MS.
View sample Chapter One of the upcoming book.

We make all our pieces with a variety of fabrication, forging, and casting techniques. We also carve gemstones and fossil mammoth ivory.

If you want to create beautiful objects too, especially if you are a beginner, find and read:

  • Jewelry Making and Design - Augustus F. Rose and Antonio Cirino (Dover)
  • Indian Jewelry Making, Vols. I and II - Oscar T. Branson

Disclaimer: All techniques described are performered by professionals in a professional workshop. These techniques work well for us; we do not warrant them for anyone else. We cannot be responsible for anyone's property, profit, or safety. If you wish to make beautiful objects, pictures and text are no substitute for a good class.